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Whether you need STOCK corrugated boxes, bubble, foam or CUSTOM packaging materials for INSIDE or OUTSIDE the box, Russell Peters Packaging has you covered ... We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Client Testimonials

Lou, American Spoon Foods

Russell Peters Packaging is great to work with. The quality of their packaging materials is top notch, ordering is simple and straightforward, delivery is speedy, and Nancy always has a thorough answer to all my questions.

Celeste, ALP Lighting

I have been a customer for many many years. Russell Peters Packaging is always willing to go the extra mile – deliver on the spur of the moment – very quick to respond. Has kept increases to a minimum. They have always taken our view of their performance very seriously.

Richard, RM Young Co.

We have been doing business with Russell Peters Packaging for 30 years or more. We send our products all over the world. Their packaging materials and designs have allowed us to send our products with full confidence that when opened. Will be professionally presented and undamaged.